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race course 2015.pdf

The start line is along a northwest axis with northerly and southerly ends as follows:approximate location of start line

NPin at N 45 44.599 W063 15.203

SPin at N 45 44.588 W063 15.198

All races will have UD4 honoured as first mark and kept to Port.  All finishes will have UD4 as the final mark prior to finish and will be kept to Starboard.

UD4  45 45.141N 63 14.497W

Beyond UD4 are three club marks at these positions around Tatamagouche Bay. Approximate positions are:

BHYC1: N45. 46. 504 W063. 13. 276

BHYC2 : N45.46.832 W063.16.324

BHYC3: N45 45.034 W63 17.646